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Our website is an online app used by repair stores and people who want to repair their device or make a profit refurbishing devices. By using our site, you could find the part you need in our directory for many consumer electronics, including Consoles, Smartphones, Tablets, and many others.

Compare Tech Part Prices

Compare prices across many Vendors. Our professional tech team handpicks all the links to ensure that all the parts are compatible. We include many vendors, including Gamersrepair, MobileDefenders, Amazon, eBay, and many more. Our Featured Link is always set to the fastest delivery (Fast & Free, Amazon Prime) to ensure that you find the part you need in a hurry.

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The guides we provide on this website aren't entirely ours. We offer them from other repair pages or youtube videos whichever we think is most instructive and best for the repair. We also provide you with resources you might need, like articles, symptoms, and compatibility identification.

RIGHT PART FOR THE RIGHT REPAIR offers an online app for repair stores to compare Tech Parts prices between vendors while informing you of the Tools you need and the process of the repair. Expert technicians are behind every part and guide that fits best with the repair. Our guide database will give you the most relevant guide with tips to get the right part every time. The site is updated throughout the day – every day – by its staff and from contributors like you. We are currently adding more devices to our list that will provide you always find the parts you need.

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Being trained technicians, we know what you need to perform a repair to exceed customer satisfaction. We aim to assist all technicians in making accurate quotes and avoid ordering the wrong part.

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