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Black Display Assembly for iPhone 8 Plus (Aftermarket +)

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Compatible with A1864, A1897, and A1898
AfterMarket Plus
Aftermarket Plus Part
Last updated on August 5, 2020 9:27 pm

$ 31.34

Display Assembly for iPhone 7 Plus Repair


This part is compatible with iPhone 8 Plus with these model numbers: A1864, A1897, and A1898

AfterMarket Plus

Part Quality

This Black Display Assembly for iPhone 8 Plus rated Aftermarket plus due to aftermarket components and quality of them, and you may notice an average performance and quality. Parts are more likely to be defective. It’s best for price-conscious people that are still looking for a slightly better option.


Premium Aftermarket


Standard Aftermarket

Flex Cables:

Standard Aftermarket

Front Glass:

Uncoated Aftermarket



Transfer FingerPrint Scanner

Symptoms for Display Assembly:

  • Why is there no touch on the screen?
  • Why is my screen opening apps by itself?
  • Digitizer or LCD is cracked.
  • Why does the screen have a dark spot on it?
  • LCD has a burn-in.
  • Vertical lines on my LCD.
  • Device may start boot looping if any of the flex cables are torn or pinched.
  • A screen replacement can fix Touch ID, only if the Touch ID has no physical Damage
  • If the home button start acting weird and has no damge then if could be the screen.

Tips for Tech Repairing Display Assembly for iPhone 8 Plus:

  • During screen disassembly, try using 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to separate the adhesive on the top side of the screen or attempt to use a pick. (Avoid pulling and twisting).
  • When disconnecting the cables Please avoid doing it from inside the board where you can hit different components that can cause false battery reading, boot looping, among others. 
  • Make sure to transfer over all necessary small parts.
  • When removing fingerprint scanner, do it precisely like its shown in the guide; damaging it could cause loss of Touch ID.
  • When Transferring prox and speaker, pick up the plastic piece attached to the proximity sensor to avoid damaging the proximity sensor.

iPhone 8 Screen Replacement

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