Digitizer for iPad 10.2 7th Generation (White) (Premium)

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Advanced Disassembly

Compatible with A2197, A2200 and A2198

Last updated on July 12, 2020 9:33 pm

$ 68.99

Replacement Digitizer for iPad 10.2 7th Generation


This part is compatible with iPad 10.2 7th Generation: A2197A2200 and A2198

This repair requires a Heating Pad or Heat gun to remove the screen.

Premium Quality Part

Part Quality

This White Digitizer for iPad 10.2 7th Generation rated Premium due to Premium aftermarket components and quality of them, and you may notice an above-average performance and quality. Parts are less likely to be defective. It’s best for people that are still looking for a better option than an aftermarket screen but still benefit from savings.

Flex Cables:

Premium Coated Flex

Front Glass:

Coated Aftermarket


Advanced Disassembly

Symptoms for Digitizer

  • Cracked Screen.
  • Can’t drag apps across the screen.
  • Touch not working.
  • Touch ID is not working.

Tips for Replacing Digitizer for iPad:

  • Remove the back cover and disconnect the battery and screen and LCD, then heat the screen and use a pic to separate adhesive.
  • Do not touch the inside of the screens after removing the plastic covers; Fingerprints are hard to take off, especially after assembling the device.
  • The screen is fragile so be careful, do not apply too much force or it may lead to more damage shattered glass. Try reheating the device. Note: shattered glass on the LCD could cause permanent damage, try using a brush or air to remove the glass.
  • Before reassembling the screen, remove the old adhesive and apply a new layer. We recommend doing this with the LCD outside the device.
  • If the screen shows signs of being defective, check the connections between the screen and the board.

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