Internal Cooling Fan for Nintendo Switch

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Compatible with Nintendo Switch 2017 and 2018

Last updated on July 12, 2020 1:41 pm
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$ 27.98

Internal Cooling Fan for Nintendo Switch


This part is compatible with Nintendo Switch 2017 and 2018 models.

Part Quality

This Internal Cooling Fan for Nintendo Switch has no rating. The parts are either OEM pulls or after Market.

Compatible with Delta BSB0405HAATT DC5V 0.33A and Foxconn PVB040A05H DC5V 0.32A. It includes a brand-new and authentic Nintendo Switch CPU cooling fan



Symptoms for Fan issues:

  • Loud noise coming from Switch.
  • Why is my Switch Overheating?
  • A damaged heatsink could cause overheating.
  • The fan is loud and is spinning fast.
  • Not replacing the thermal paste when repairing could cause overheating.

Tips for Repairing Internal Cooling Fan for Nintendo Switch:

We hope Using our part price comparison tool be a positive one, here are some tools you might use when you get your part. Quality of the tool you have significantly affected the outcome of the repair.

User Reviews

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Maggie H

    Came in tight package, KSB0912HE is the same as Sony original one and well protected. The highlight was the MX-2 which is always my choice for PC. Torx 9 and Phillips 01 look heavy duty and silicon handle feel soft. Mine is 1006, the old paste was dried out. With new fan and MX-2, my gear will last another 3 years. Personally I recommend this repair set and suggest to replace the old adhesive for memory banks as well.

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  2. T. C.

    Item came complete and ready to install. My only complaint is that they sent a paper with a YouTube link to help you install the new fan but the video leaves out a few steps. We had to look through a few different videos on YouTube to dismantle the PlayStation 4 the correct way, making it accessible to remove the old fan and to install the new one.

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  3. Curious Dude

    I just received this item today, and I installed it same day as well. This product works wonderfully! I was so used to hearing my old LOUD ps4 fan for about a year, which would make a terrible rattling/grinding sound regularly, to the point where I really forgot how a proper cooling fan actually sounds. I seriously had to put my ear next to the vents of the console, to make sure this new fan was actually running. It is seriously that quiet, no joke. I recommend this cooling fan completely, since it is in genuinely new condition, and packaged extremely well with care. 5/5 stars from me, and would totally buy again if needed.

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  4. Nazosan

    I needed a cheap option due to limited funds, but in a hurry, so I ordered this one. It does seem to work fine, but it’s very noisy. It’s almost a sort of clicking noise. I suspect it won’t actually last very long, but it is successfully keeping the system cool right now, so it buys me enough time to eventually replace with a higher quality one.

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  5. brittaney cantwell

     This fan works great but it’s super loud and ridiculously powerful. The original fan is barely audible but this thing sounds like a leaf blower. You can feel the air coming out of the vent from a foot away.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    My Switch out of nowhere started shutting down randomly due to overheating while in docked mode. My fiancé and I couldn’t make it through a single game of Mario Party without it shutting down. We’d scream out our frustration and wait a while for it to cool down to continue our journey.I contacted Nintendo and of course my warranty was already up, but they were willing to fix it if I paid them almost $120!!!Went on a limb and purchased this fan. I was patient, took my time, and was careful with everything. I replaced the thermal paste while I was at it and I am glad to say that we were able to make it through 2 whole games tonight without any incident.I found myself frequently checking the exhaust port to make sure the fan was working and I could feel a gentle stream of heat escaping.I cannot recommend this enough if you’re going through the same problem I once was.A note though that the guide I found online failed to mention: on the factory fan there are two grey rubber pieces that two of the screws go through. You need to remove them from the old fan and place them in the new one as it does not come with these.Be careful, take your time, work in a clean environment and get back to gaming!

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