Laser Lens For Xbox One S (B150)

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Compatible with 1681

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Last updated on April 2, 2020 2:33 am
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Laser Lens For Xbox One S


This part is compatible with Microsoft Xbox One S with these Disc Drive model numbers:1681. Changing the whole disc Drive will require Switching DaughterBoards and would require some soldering.

Part Quality

This Laser Lens For Xbox One S has no rating. GamersRepair is the only website to offer OEM parts, the rest are either OEM pulls or after Market Parts


Advanced Disassembly

Symptoms for Laser Lens issues:

  • Why is my disc not reading?
  • I get an error message every time I insert a disc.
  • Why are some of my games not recognized?
  • When I insert my disc, the drive doesn’t spin.

Tips for Tech Repairing Laser Lens on Xbox One S:

  • Attempt using different discs before continuing with diagnostics.
  • If disc drive does not turn on, check cable connecting it to the motherboard.
  • Try the Cleaning Laser lens in the Disc Drive.
  • When moving the DaughterBoard, make sure you do not damage the leads. There is also a cable on the motor you cannot remove.
  • Check out the Guides for more Tips from Tronics Fix and I fix it.

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Xbox One X Laser Replacement - Original, X & S Models - Disc Read Fix

Xbox One X laser replacement can be a difficult fix. This repair video can be used to replace the laser in your Xbox One S and original consoles as well.

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