Laser Lens For PlayStation 4 (BDP-010/BDP-015)

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Compatible with BDP-010/BDP-015

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Last updated on April 2, 2020 2:33 am
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Laser Lens Replacement for PS4


This part is compatible with Sony PlayStation 4 with these Disc Drive model numbers: BDP-010/BDP-015 

Your drive can be a BDP-010, BDP-015, BDP-020, or BDP-025. Sometimes you need to remove the metallic cover to see the reference. More info about Laser Lens Compatibility

Part Quality

This Laser Lens For Sony PlayStation 4 (BDP-010/BDP-015) has no rating. GamersRepair is the only website to offer OEM parts, the rest are either OEM pulls or after Market Parts

KEM-860PAA is the laser lens deck with KES-860 double eye lens head for BDP-010 and BDP-015 blue ray DVD drive. It’s the perfect repair replacement part for Sony PlayStation PS4 1st gen CUH-10XX. When do you need this replaced: Disc reading error; Disc not recognized; Doesn't read certain games;...



Symptoms for Laser Lens issues:

  • When I insert my disc, the drive doesn’t spin.
  • When you get an error message.
  • Why are some of my games not recognized?

Tips for Tech Repairing Laser Lens on PlayStation 4:

  • Attempt using different disc before continuing with diagnostics
  • Before you Order the Part, Open the disc drive and make sure nothing got knocked out of place. The two rollers are bound to get knocked out of place or, something to get unplugged.
  • There is an easier Repair
  • If disc drive does not turn on, check cable connecting it to the motherboard.
  • Try the Cleaning Laser lens in the Disc Drive.
  • Make sure you transfer over your original board that located on the disc drive; it’s required to read discs.

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