PI3USB Video Control IC Chip for Nintendo Switch

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Advanced Soldering
Last updated on June 25, 2021 4:47 am
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Replacing PI3USB Video Control IC Chip for Nintendo Switch


This part is compatible with 2017 and 2018 models..

This repair does require a soldering kit.

Part Quality

This PI3USB Video Control IC Chip for Nintendo Switch has no rating. The parts can be either OEM Pulls or Aftermarket.

for NINTENDO SWITCH PI3USB AUDIO VIDEO CONTROL IC CHIPS Video transmission IC for Nintendo Switch PI3USB 30532ZLE.When your NS Switch console is blank screen, maybe this chip can help.Replace your broken, worn-out or damaged parts.Instruction not included Package Includes: 1 x IC CHIP PI3USB Professional skill is required to install it [Motherboard NOT included]Soldering Required All items are packaged and fast shiping from Florida, USA SEE PHOTOS


Advanced Soldering

Symptoms for PI3USB Video Control IC Chip

  • The device does not charge. (Check Battery and IC Chip and the components near them before replacing this part)
  • When there is a short near that chip. (make sure you attempt changing the Shorted parts.)
  • The device doesn’t power on.
  • Attempt using a known good screen.
  • The device has no image on the screen.
  • The image on the screen is distorted.

Tips for Repairing PI3USB Video Control IC for Nintendo Switch:

  • Attempt using a different Cable.
  • To do this, Repair, you require a soldering kit.
  • Soldering components requires a lot of heat, avoid heating or pushing components. Be very gentle; Heat should do most of the work when removing parts.
  • Make sure you disconnect all the cables and parts from the motherboard to avoid damaging them.
  • Look at steps ahead to avoid damaging the board.
  • Don’t Pull on the Chip. When it’s ready to come off, you’ll be able to take it off with tweezers gently.
  • The Thermal paste between the heatsink and CPU needs to be cleaned off and replaced.
  • Must have the right tools

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