PlayStation 4 Power Cable – 4-pin (ADP-240CR)

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Compatible with CUH-11XX

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Last updated on January 4, 2020 4:37 am
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Power Supply Cable Replacement for PS4


This part is compatible with Sony PlayStation 4 with these model numbers: CUH-11XX.  

Part Quality

This Sony PlayStation 4 Power Cable – 4-pin (ADP-240CR) has no rating. GamersRepair is the only website to offer OEM parts, the rest are either OEM pulls or after Market Parts



Symptoms for Power Supply Cable issues:

  • When the PlayStation 4 turns on then right off.
  • Playstation 4 does not turn on.
  • Why is my PlayStation have a blinking red?
  • Physical Damage on Power Cable.

Tips for Repairing PlayStation 4 Power Cable:

  • Before you Order the Part, Open the Playstation 4 and make sure there is no damage to the cable. 
  • Attempt powering it on with the eject button.
  • Try different wall outlets.
  • Check the Playstation 4 for bugs before starting the repair.
  • You can match by the number of pins on the motherboards to the motherboard ADP-200ER, and ADP-200CR has a 4-pin connector, and ADP-200AR has a 5-pin connector.
  • The Power Supply could be challenging to remove, try lifting from both sides.

How To: Replace the Power Supply in your Playstation 4!

You've worked hard for your achievements in your games and you shouldn't lose them because you have a power supply that's on the fritz. Thats why today i'm ...

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Specification: PlayStation 4 Power Cable – 4-pin (ADP-240CR)

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